Introducing the best deal in the Multiverse!


The Memory Chest is a simple and affordable way to get all of your important memories converted to the Digital format of your choice. 


How does it work?


Simply purchase the Memory Chest at our store, bring it home and fill the Chest with as many items as you can.Then bring it back to Video Wizards and we will convert all your memories to USB or DVD!


What are the benefits of the Memory Chest over A La Carte?

You Get: A Discounted Rate on any work past the maximum, A free USB, Preferred Service, Hi-Res Photo/Slide Scans(Normally $1 per Scan), and Guaranteed Work this deal will never expire.

The Memory Chest  currently Comes in two sizes



For only $125 dollars

You get $300 worth of work

For only $225 Dollars

You get $600 worth of work

Recommended For:

Pictures/Slides   VHS-C   


8mm Cassettes     Hi-8   


Audio Tapes       Mini-DV   

Floppy Disk       HD-V 


Small 8mm Film    DVD

Recommended For:

Large Pictures    VHS   

Large 8mm Film    BetaMax

Vinyl Records          


Our Wizards can turn all your old home movies, family photos, 8MM Film and more into Digital Formats that last forever! We offer a few different ways to pay for our service but our most popular is A La Carte. 

A La Carte allows you to pay for only what you need. While there is a $20 dollar minimum for all jobs, we recommend A La Carte projects for people who have small projects or people who don't want to pay up front for our service.

A La Carte allows flexibility for your project. We can help build a plan that will make your project more affordable and timely. To see the price chart for A La Carte check the Pricing tab at the top or click the pricing button on the left!

We Work With the following formats:

Slides   Black and White Photos   Polaroid   Film Negatives     Floppy Disc   HD-V   SD-Cards

VHS   Betamax   Hi8   DVI   HDVI   VHS-C   Cassette Tapes    Records   8mm   Film   Super8

Don’t see the format you’re looking for? Call us and ask!    239-360-8127


Here at Video Wizards we are happy to offer Video & Photo Editing and Restoration. Using the latest editing software, we can restore damaged Photos and Videos to their former glory. 

We can also Edit your home movie into a highlight reel or take out any parts you might not want in your video.

(I.E. That episode of Seinfeld you taped in 1995 that starts in the middle of your sons 3rd Birthday party)

We also offer Graphic Design, Commercial Video Work and Web Design. Video Wizards can offer a full solution for your personal project or business. 

All editing projects are priced on a job to job basis. If you need a Quote send us your information below with a Detailed Description of what you are looking to get done! 

Video & photo


Glass Negative Coloration circa 1878

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